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Your All-In-One Tool For Massive Etsy SEO Growth. Sale Samurai gives you the insights and analytics needed to skyrocket your Etsy business.

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When I first started on Etsy, I was offering only a few t-shirts to my customers. Since I started using the uploading tool from Sale Samurai, I have been able to start selling over 50 new products from two print providers. The possibilities are endless.
Sheryl Etsy Seller
Being able to see Etsy keyword search volume, competition, and access to download all of this information has transformed my business. These filters have allowed me to really dial in my product offerings and sales show it works!
Raberk Etsy Seller
Sale Samurai helped me dial in my keywords so I could properly optimize my title and tags. After spending the time going through and editing my existing products, sales have been increasing. Great job!
Lance Etsy Seller